Charlie crook


PROSE: frank

A horror story I wrote last year called ‘Frank’, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It follows a precocious but arrogant teenager, who attempts to bring someone back from the dead. His attempt at resurrection is doomed to fail, but it becomes a philosophically provocative experience.


A dark comedy about Mikey, a thirty-year-old bodybuilder and personal trainer. This play examines toxic masculinity, pitting the protagonist's physical goals against their personal relationships. Mikey has to decide: what does he really want?

upcoming work


A black farce about a group of students who hold auditions for a slasher film on the same day a serial killer escapes from Rampton Prison… Full of dark humour and the occasional psychotic monologue. It’s being staged as part of a comedy double bill in the Pyramid Theatre at the University of Leeds. Alternatively, if Covid-19 prohibits physical staging, it will be released as a radio play.


I wrote Cooped Up as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although I can appreciate that the lockdown rules are important, I also recognised the amount of frustration it was causing so many people. I thought that a farce, particularly as a genre which works well when working against authority, would be a good light-hearted way to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic by creating sufficient farcical chaos to create a lot of humour in a situation with largely negative associations. I hoped that the play might prove cathartic, helping to alleviate some of the feelings we have been experiencing throughout lockdown. The play also examines how being trapped emotionally by negative relationships or social roles is contrasted with the physical isolation of lockdown.